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So what is IceGiant Web Services? Just who are you dealing with here?

After all, before you engage the services of someone new, you want to know a little more about them, right?

Ok, so here goes... My name is Sasch Mayer, and I founded IceGiant Web Services from a UK base back in 1999, following a five year love affair with the Internet, and a seven year tour of duty in the Computer hardware sector.

Working alongside me at the time was a small team of web developers, and graphic designers, each an accomplished expert in his or her field.

The IceGiant team may have changed slightly over the years, but our unwavering commitment to our clients has not...

With a 100% focus on customer satisfaction, each of us takes great pride in our work, and treats every contract with the respect and dedication it deserves. This philosophy has earned IceGiant not only acclaim from clients, but also from Google through my involvement in its frontline support structure since August 2006. Click here & here to read a couple of the things they've said over the years.

And while the relationship I've built with Google, and some of its staff, over the past few years has of course not gained me any special ranking privileges, it has enabled me to stay informed about the evolving wants and needs of the search giant in a way few industry professionals can claim. In turn, this allows IceGiant to provide a comprehensive range of web services designed to produce maximum results for you, our client, regardless of contract size or range of requirements.

Web Design, your way...

So, whether you're in need of our web design services, would like some modifications to your existing website, or you would like to take advantage of our graphic design capabilities, we will be pleased to provide you with the expert service our customers have come to expect.

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Then again, maybe you just need some advice...

If your website is struggling in the search rankings I can probably help too. Visit IceGiant Consulting to find out how my SEO analysis services can boost your online business's chances of success.

Contact us to experience the difference expert service can make, the IceGiant Difference.


It's been over a Decade
In 2009, IceGiant celebrated its 10th anniversary, and although the look of our site may have changed over the years, our great service hasn't.
IceGiant Logo from 1999
The Way We Were - Our Logo back in 1999







Contact us by Phone:

United Kingdom   0208 1234 709
8AM - 4PM
United States of America   713 893 3449
8AM - 3PM (Central)
Republic of Cyprus   99 12 88 56
9AM - 5PM

A Proven Track Record...

Our web design and web promotion methods are based on the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C Compliance) standards, accepted and endorsed by the major search engines. On top of this our work also fully complies with Stanford University's Web Credibility Standards, as well as Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

Interview with an IceGiant

A while after I became involved in Google's Official Webmaster Help Group I was asked to give an interview for a website in the UK. If you're interested to find out more about my professional experiences, and work philosophies, you might wish to take a look.
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