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Our range of informative articles covers various aspects of web design and web promotion, such as Google PageRank, basic promotional tactics, and even some of the more common SEO scams out there.

New articles are added on a regular basis, so be sure to check back frequently to stay informed about web design, the Internet and online business.

Please note that these articles are the intellectual property of IceGiant Web Services and are not available for syndication or reprint. For information about our selection of articles for syndication, please contact us.

The Latest Articles

Who said Content is King? This certainly is a phrase which is often used, abused, misquoted and misinterpreted. But where did it originate, and, is it actually true? Lately, some segments of the SEO sector have made a lot of noise to the contrary, claiming that content is not king, nor has it ever been.
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Link Building Strategies, there seem to be thousands of them, each one recommended by experts ranging from SEO Gurus to some guy you had a beer with last night. So how do you actually know what to try and what to avoid? This article describes a couple of very effective approaches in detail.
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Web Design Articles

Web Design and SEO... 3 Common Mistakes
Although on the whole, the web design industry has evolved at a rapid rate during the past few years, an alarming number of smaller design studios still keep making the same three common Optimization mistakes when building new websites for their clients.
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The Five Second Rule for Web Designers
While most of us may have grown up applying this particular rule to food which winds up face-down on the kitchen floor, the five second rule can also be applied online, as it quite accurately covers the amount of time a web page is given to attract the visitor's attention, before he or she gets bored.
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Learn about SEO - The Webmaster Guidelines
Many online entrepreneurs employing third-party web designers have no wish to learn about web promotion and ethical optimisation techniques. Yet there is a very real need to at least study the basics to prevent their websites from falling foul of Google's Webmaster Guidelines.
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Web Promotion Articles

Basic Web Promotion without the Jargonese
When Search Engine Optimizers and designers talk about your site's basic promotion, the information they're giving you is anything but basic. Also, the terms some professionals use often leave clients wondering whether they're even speaking English. We cut through the jargon.
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Onsite SEO relies on ALL available Components
There are a handful of promotional elements to be found on any given web page. But while these must all be used cohesively, and in a perfectly balanced manner for an optimum chance of ranking success, many SEOs only seem to concentrate on one or two of them.
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Google PageRank - The thing is...
While the little green PageRank display on the Google Toolbar is often considered to be the be all and end all of web site promotion, recent trends, as well as statements by Google employees have shown it to be only one small component of the ranking process.
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Is W3C Compliance really vital?

It would seem that while many of the globe's web designers and developers are now beginning to become aware of the World Wide Web Consortium and its standards concerning HTML, RSS, CSS and any number of other acronyms designed to baffle the layman, full W3C Compliance itself is still largely ignored by many professionals, especially since Google stated that it does not normally play a part in a website’s ranking.

But despite this absence of any search ranking benefits, full W3C Compliance is still a necessary component of any site’s long-term promotional strategy.

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