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Custom Graphic Design for Web and Print

Graphic Design Sample - Carried out on behalf of Aurora Solutions  

Just like our web services, IceGiant custom graphic design services are as individual as our clients.

Over the past decade, we have created countless graphics for companies around the globe, with work ranging from simple logo polishing to full corporate image revamps, with no two commissions ever being the same.

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Our Custom Graphic Design Services always deliver exactly the results our clients have come to expect over the past decade.


This logo, based on the Greek Goddess Athina, was created for a group of companies in the Republic of Cyprus.

After a great many revisions, the finished result finally met 100% with the client's vision.



IceGiant's Lady Liberty Poster


Lady Liberty

Click here to see the Original...

She's the most famous symbol of freedom in the western world, and we've brought her to life with a little of our graphic design 'magic'.

We created this patriotic poster for a forthcoming website highlighting the very best of the United States and the Americas.

B.F. Trust-Factor

The Trust-Factor Stamp was produced for a financial services company operating across Australasia as part of a corporate image update in 2008.



More Graphic Design Examples

But it's not all about IceGiant Graphic Design...

Over the years, the number of prepress design projects we handle has grown steadily, and soon, in Summer of 2010, we will be launching our own separate website, specialising in custom graphic design for printed materials.

Ares Graphic Design Logo

Look out for Ares at the middle of 2010. Meanwhile, contact IceGiant for all your graphic design needs, whether for web or print.

Custom Graphic Design Sample by IceGiant

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A Little Photo Restoration?

Though it doesn't strictly speaking fall into the bracket of graphic design, we've undertaken a fair number of photo restoration projects in the past ten years.

Photo Restoration for Olympic Boxing Champion Terry Spinks
Click here to see the full example

We keep talking about the W3C

The World Wide Web Consortium is a conglomerate of over four hundred companies and organizations world-wide, who are working together to set the overall standards for the present, and future, Internet, both for code, and the way in which the Web in itself actually functions.

But while W3C Compliance is not normally in iteself a factor in search ranking, it is nevertheless important to a website's long-term success.

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