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Custom Graphic Design Services to reflect your image

Not just another Face in the Crowd

You may have noticed by now that IceGiant isn't what you might call a standard design studio filling the web with mass-produced clone websites and imagery.

We pride ourselves in treating every customer on a 100% individual basis, and providing them with a custom graphic design service which not only produces results that stand out from the crowd, but also perfectly reflect their image.

As Individual as you are

You've built a company which stands apart from its competitors, a company you're proud of, so why would you want to get sales materials or a web presence which looks just like everyone else's?

At Icegiant we value our clients' input when it comes to all our services. After all, only you know your own business best, so you're naturally in the best position to work with our creative designers to produce the results you expect.

For Web and Print

What many novices offering custom graphic design fail to realize is that imagery for the Web does not directly translate into print because of differences in resolution and color-interpretation.

We've been producing customized graphical services for over a decade, and when you order a design from us, you can be sure it will be formatted correctly for your desired medium.

IceGiant Custom Graphic Design - Steering Away from the NORM

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Like our graphical services, our custom web design is far from ordinary.

Take a look at some of the designs IceGiant has produces during the past decade.
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