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Internet Graphic Design... It's like walking a Tightrope

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Many clients, and even quite a few professionals, fail to realize that Internet graphic design is about far more than simple eye-candy.

Applied properly, a website’s graphics should form a vital part of its overall sales and marketing strategy.

And while it may be true that Content is King with Google, there is doubt that imagery plays an equally vital role in the visitor’s perception of any given website. The correct use of graphics will have a positive impact on visitors, subconsciously raising customer-confidence, aiding your website’s stickiness, and ultimately helping to improve conversion rates.

The wrong kind of Internet Graphic Design will harm your business

Conversely, poor quality, incorrectly formatted, or unappealing graphics within a site’s design can have devastating effects on its sales conversion ratios and visitor appeal.

Successful web designers use imagery as a tool to provide a cohesive, aesthetic continuity across an entire website; they create a graphical appearance, a feel, which matches the website’s purpose and market sector, providing the visitor with what they’re looking to find. After all, you wouldn’t expect a specialty seafood site to have a similar look as an online dating agency; despite the fact that there may well be plenty more fish in the sea…

But I digress; the fact is that anyone engaging in Internet graphic design had better take a good long look not only at their client’s corporate image, but also the client’s target audience, before ever putting mouse to pad, or stylus to graphics-tablet. Without doing so they’re far less likely to produce something 100% suited to its allotted task, which is, after all, to turn visitors into paying customers. What’s more, a website’s imagery is not just about the graphics themselves; it’s also about image-placement, which plays a far greater part in a site’s success or failure than most designers and netrepreneurs credit it with.

Take this page for example...

You either found it on a search engine, or you followed a link from somewhere else on the IceGiant website. Either way, you’re here because you want to read up on graphic design for the Internet, and judging by the fact that you’ve managed to get 369 words into this article, that’s exactly what you’re doing. However, aside from providing a little insight and information into the importance of quality imagery, this web page is also designed to inform you about the services IceGiant offers.

Look right, and you’ll see that all our web hosting packages come with unlimited bandwidth, storage, and email addresses. Do you need a new hosting account? Why not take a look?


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See how that works? But why do you need it?

For the simple reason that, while Content may be King, it doesn’t normally manage to sell things all by itself, so the experienced web designer will weave the website’s sales message into its text in such a way that it at least gets noticed.

You’re still reading, so I guess you don’t need any web hosting.
Ah well… Never mind, eh?

The point is that you at least noticed what IceGiant has on offer. And while you may not be looking for anything you see on this page, chances are that at least one of the next thirty visitors reading this will make an inquiry about something.

So you see, Internet graphic design really is about far more than mere graphics; it’s about a tightly-designed whole, about overall aesthetics, about presenting the visitor with a vessel which contains the information, product or service they’re looking for in such a way as to turn them from a mere page-impression statistic into a satisfied customer.

It's about the success of your business...

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And then of course...
There's W3C Compliance

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) now consists of over 400 member organisations (including Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, IBM and many others) working together to produce the present and future standards for the Internet. And although often downplayed by designers in much the same way high-quality graphic design for the web, W3C Compliance is an essential part of successful web promotiondespite not normally being directly related to a website's actual search enging ranking positions.

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