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Photo Restoration for former Olympic Boxing Champion Terry Spinks

A few years ago, our graphic design team was approached by a close friend of the legendary Olympic boxing champion Terry Spinks who had unearthed a picture of Terry's old East London boxing club, taken in the 50s. The photo was in a sad state indeed, and we were asked to restore it as best we could as a surprise for Terry, so we went to work.

Though there are plenty of automatic restoration processes to remove blemishes, cracks, and even tears from old photographs, their results are somewhat poor compared to those a knowledgable graphic designer can achieve through painstaking manual photo restoration. To show what we mean, we have included a scan of the original image, as well as a copy of the finished result below.

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Photo Restoration

Before Photo Restoration
Terry Spinks Gym before Photo Restoration

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After Photo Restoration
Terry Spinks Gym after Photo Restoration

Although not strictly in the category of photo restoration, our graphic design team is occasionally called upon to perform photo manipulations, mainly to the embarrassment of prospective bridegrooms and as birthday jokes. It doesn't happen very often, but it's usually quite amusing when it does.

Below you can see a basic example of photo manipulation:
The original 'King of Comedy'... sitting right next to Buster Keaton.

Buster Keaton before Photo Manipulation Buster Keaton after Photo Manipulation

Regardless of whether you require our photo restoration or manipulation services, our graphic design team has the skill to produce outstanding results with all but the most badly damaged source materials. Contact us for further information about this or any of our other services.

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