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Keyword Traffic Analysis is vital to Web Promotion

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The first step for professional web promotion services is invariably a detailed keyword research program, to establish which search-terms are the most potentially productive for a website’s market sector. Without a comprehensive knowledge of the most popular keywords and phrases, any search engine optimization regime will ultimately lack the necessary focus to achieve real results.

But that’s just for starters.

Throughout the campaign, a website’s promoter needs to keep abreast of things with ongoing keyword traffic analysis, if they are to increase the website's search engine exposure in anything resembling an effective way.

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Keyword Traffic Analysis is about knowing how visitors are finding you.

This knowledge, in turn, is vital to the website’s continuing expansion, and the production of fresh content which will ultimately yield new visitors, and so, more paying clients. A surprising number of SEOs only concentrate on the initially researched high-volume search terms, more or less sidelining what they consider to be ‘lesser’ words and phrases. In effect, they are missing out on a potentially profitable source of enquiries, because these niche keywords, despite producing fewer visitors, will often yield a far greater percentage of enquiries, since they are far more ‘targeted’ than their more commonly used cousins.

So why would more popular keywords produce less customer enquiries than less common niche-terms, and what does keyword traffic analysis have to do with it?

To explain the high value of low-volume search-terms, I’ll take the tried and tested ‘Blue Widgets’ key-phrase I’ve already used in other articles. Let’s say that the most commonly searched for keyword in your market-sector is ‘Blue Widgets’, with an average global search volume of 40,000 per month. Consequently, this is the single most important keyword/phrase for your website at the start of your web promotion campaign.

After a couple of months, your SEO notices that certain parts of your website are also getting the occasional visit because they rank on page three for the phrase ‘Remote-controlled Blue Widgets for sale’. This term only gets around five hundred searches per month, so your SEO basically ignores it. After all, based on the sheer number of searches carried out each month, there is no doubt as to which key-phrase will produce the greater number of visitors if successfully promoted.

However, unless your web site’s income is driven by advertising revenue, you will not so much be concerned about visitor numbers, as with customer enquiries and, more importantly, successful sales conversions. You’re interested in your business’s profitability, because there’s no point if the website gets a hundred thousand visitors per month, but none of them actually to buy anything from you. And this is exactly where continual keyword traffic analysis can seriously improve your site’s performance, because it’s not just concerned with visitor numbers, but conversion rates.

Which neatly brings me back to my example… while the key-phrase ‘Blue Widgets’ may produce a high number of visitors, it is quite a general term, and will thus attract a large proportion of browsers, visitors not really interested in buying but merely gathering information or killing time. By contrast, the term ‘Remote-controlled Blue Widgets for sale’ is a highly focused keyword-phrase. In most cases, users making a search like this are already committed to a purchase, and are merely looking for the right outlet to buy from.

What's the value of visitors?

While you may get a customer enquiry for every fifty ‘Blue Widgets’ visitors, you are likely to get one enquiry for every five visitors looking for Remote-controlled Blue Widgets for sale.

Why? Because you don’t have to convince them to make a purchase in the first place, only that your website is the right place for them to buy from.

What’s really needed for long-term expansion is not only an initial research campaign, but ongoing keyword traffic analysis, and active promotion of any potentially lucrative terms discovered.

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So before you (or your SEO) dismiss lower volume search terms as unimportant, you need to seriously consider the fact that online success and profitability are about far more than just visitor numbers.

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