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Our Competitive Keyword Analysis Packages find the most profitable search terms for your online business.

Here's what you get:

  • "Seed Report" of the most searched for keywords in your market sector
  • "Target Report" of the most potentially profitable keywords for your website
  • "Niche Report" of low-volume/competition search-terms with high sales potential
  • "Competitor Report" analyzing the tactics of your main competitors for your site's target-report search-terms
Our Packages Why IceGiant?

The Parts of our Competitive Keyword Analysis Package explained...

  • Seed Report
    Quite simply, the Seed Report is a comprehensive list of the keywords and phrases potential clients use when searching Google for your product or service. Depending on the user-group and level of competition within your market sector, this report may consist of just a hundred or many thousands of search-terms, and is designed to provide you with an overview of what's going on in your commercial neighborhood.
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  • Target Report
    After the initial Seed Report, the competitive keyword analysis starts in earnest, with some in-depth number crunching which filters out the most productive search terms and compiles them into a Target Report. In essence this is a shortlist of what are commonly called Pay-Dirt Key-Phrases, those high search-volume terms which most websites in your sector want to rank for.

    And, unlike many reports of this type, ours is not simply based on the average number of queries made each month, but also takes a number of other factors into account when assessing the promotional importance of search-terms. For instance, we also take into account the overall level of global competition for each and every keyword and phrase included in our Target Report.
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  • Niche Report
    An understanding of long-tail keywords, and uncommon, yet highly focused search-terms can be qually and sometimes even more important than knowing what the majority of your prospective clients Google for. Why? Because usually the visitors who find your website through a more focused query are far more likely to turn into paying customers than those who find you through casual browsing for a generic keyword.

    Our niche report provides you with an extensive list of less commonly used, but potentially more profitable search terms to target as part of your site's web promotion strategy.
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  • Competitor Report
    But figuring out what customers are searching for will only get you so far, and before you can begin to plan a coherent promotional campaign for your website, you'll need a knowledge of what your competitors are up to. To this end we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of your website's ten most prominent competitors, their site-structure, target search-terms, inbound links, and a number of other crucial promotional factors.

    What's more, we don't base this competitive keyword analysis on a rival website's success for individual keywords, but rather on the competitor's overall success and search engine exposure across the promotional board.

All this from $499

Commercial Intelligence for your Online Business

Our Competitive Keyword Analysis helps you to build a more cohesive web promotion strategy for your entire website, rather than a series of individual promotional segments attempting to achieve success independently of each other. Contact us today for more information.

If, however, you're after a little extra, IceGiant also provides ready-made Web Promotion Strategies, based on your existing website, product-range, visitor behavior, and a number of other factors.

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