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IceGiant's Standard Keyword Research Packages

Features Stage 1 Keyword Report Full Site Analysis/Report
Seed Report (All Major Keywords)

Target Report (Target Keywords)

Niche Report (Low Volume Phrases)

Competitor Analysis 2 Competitors, 12 Terms 6 Competitors, 15 Terms
One-on-One Consultation Time 1 Hour 3 Hours
On-Page Optimization Tips File

Optimized Tags, Titles, Headers, etc. Up to 12 Pages
Up to 40 Pages
Full Analysis of your Website

Site-Structure Report

Custom-Made Promotion Strategy


Prices from $499
 £315  -  €355
 £795  -  €890
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Features Explained

Seed Report   Target Report

Comprehensive List of your market sector's most searched for keywords and phrases


Narrow-focus list of the potentially most lucrative keywords and phrases for your website.

Niche Report   Competitor Analysis

Narrow-focus list of low search-volume keywords and phrases with high sales conversion potential for your website


Analysis of designated number of competitor websites for the designated number of your top target keywords

One-on-One Consultation Time   On-Page Optimization Tips

Amount of allocated one-on-one telephone consultation time with you or your web designer


Document providing 12 less commonly known on-page optimization tips, covering page titles, headers, layout, image alt attributes, keyword-use, etc.

Optimized Tags, Titles, Headers, etc.   Full Analysis of your Website

Document containing pre-formatted title tags, headers, image alt-attributes, etc. for the designated number of your website's pages


Comprehensive Analysis of your website, encompassing file/folder names and structure, link-structure, navigation system, content, image alt-attributes & captions, W3C Compliance, and other factors

Site-Structure Report   Custom-Made Promotion Strategy

Report detailing a set of recommendations to improve your website's overall structure and content, based upon findings of our full analysis


Full set of recommendations for the continuing promotion of your website across the spectrum of on & offline promotional tactics

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