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Professional Keyword Research must come First!

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In fact, professional keyword research is the essential first step if you're at all serious about your online business.

No matter what any expert may tell you, without a thorough analysis of your target-audience, your new online venture faces an almost insurmountable obstacle, because if you get this step wrong, you will miss your market, and thus you will not have the best possible chance of commercial online success.

Without in-depth keyword research, you will have no idea what search-terms customers are using to find your product or service.

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The #1 Cause of Failure: Lack of Professional Keyword Research

What use is it if the IceGiant website ranks on page one for the phrase Siberian Goat Herders, when that term is never actually searched for by anybody looking for web design? Top Google rankings are worth nothing if they don't attract paying customers. If your website and its content are not based around solid pay-dirt keywords for your own market sector, you might as well forget the whole thing.

It's all about how your buyer thinks... not how your web designer thinks.

Most web designers fail to realize that truly effective web design must start with a solid, in-depth knowledge of the website's target audience, and how that audience is likely to use Google, because a website's actual promotional strategy must be established long before a single line of HTML code is ever written. Promotional strategy comes before design; the chicken does come before the egg.

So how do you find out what your potential customers search for?

Why are you here?
You're here because you searched for something on Google[1] and you found us.

This is where we arrive back at professional keyword research, because it employs a number of The Toolbox and tactics to clearly establish the most potentially productive search-terms within your particular industry or market-sector.

It enables you to target your website's structure and content at the most lucrative key-phrases with optimum focus, instead of having to take blind guesses about which search-terms may or may not be used by your potential customers.


Siberian Goat Herder with Nanny Goat
Original image courtesy of Vikingman

This knowledge is power. It gives you an edge over most competitors.

[1] Our apologies if you were in fact Googling for more information about Siberian Goat Herders. Sill, at least you found us, so while you're here... Do you need a website? Probably not, eh? But if you do, we sure got lucky, because that's not how you're supposed to have reached us...

Don't take chances with your website's professional keyword research. Let our competitive keyword analysis services base it on facts, not random guesses, and blind luck.

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Once you have the Keywords, Content becomes King

Commercial online success doesn't just depend on conducting professional keyword research. Once you know which search-terms to target, you also need to know how to use them.

What most Internet users are actually after, is high-quality, unique website content. They may ultimately want to buy a toaster, but before they do, most of them want to know exactly which one is right for them. Google knows this, and has geared its search results towards showing the most relevant web pages for any given query. In other words, Google rewards informative content.

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