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Why choose IceGiant for your Keyword Research Report?

What sets us apart from other SEOs and Promoters offering this service?

Number 1
It shouldn't be Rocket Surgery...

Most keyword research reports arrive at your door in the form of a spreadsheet that even Stephen Hawking couldn't make sense of.

Ours are broken down into bite-sized chunks for easy overview; so you can see exactly what's what without getting a migraine.

Number 2
It's not just about Numbers...

Let's face it a second, any idiot can find out what people are searching for and draw up an impressive looking report that tells you who's Googling for what in your market sector.

The problem is that a lot of the time the most actively searched-for terms aren't the most productive for you. This is why we not only give you a Seed Report detailing all high-volume phrases, but a Target Report which tells you which terms have the most earning potential, and more.
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Number 3
The IceGiant Dozen...

Any information only goes so far, if nobody shows you what to do with what you've been given.

That's why you get a couple of additional documents, the first containing finished on-page optimization elements (title tags, meta description, headers, image alt-attributes, etc.) for a dozen keywords from the Target Report across twelve of your site's pages. The second document features twelve little-known promotional tips about on-page content, images, site-structure and more.

The Buck stops here...
Sasch Mayer  

For this service, you're dealing with me, and with me alone.

I'm Sasch, and I'm the one who started IceGiant back in 1999. Over the past decade I've built a reputation for being good at what I do, which I'm not about to blow by doing a shoddy job on your website's keyword research.


Google knows me, and I know Google. Here's what they said about me in March 2008, and here's what they said in December 2009.

I have people to handle pretty much every aspect across the entire range of Icegiant's services, from Anchors to Z-Indexes, but the keyword studies are handled only by me. So when you ask for a report about the most potentially productive search-terms for your site to target, I'm the one who draws it up.

Number 5
One-on-One Consultation

As part of the basic keyword research report I'll give you an hour's telephone consultation* with you or your web designer.

During this time I'll explain exactly what my recommendations mean, and how to implement them for your site in the most effective manner.

* With the full Website Analysis Bundle you get up to three hours of personal consultation time.


What are you waiting for?

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