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The Toolbox provides a list of useful resources to help improve the quality of your website.

It also contains a set of links to various parts of Google’s frontline support structure, and a couple of tutorial sites, just in case you’re interested in gaining a better understanding of HTML, CSS, PHP, and all the other acronyms that make up the web design sector. There's also a handful of tool to help you diagnose problems with your own website.

The IceGiant Toolbox
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The Google Stuff

Google's Webmaster Central Blog
If you want to stay in touch with new developments at Google, you'd do well to take a look at this blog once in a while. Written by Googlers, it contains a host of information about the Googlosphere.

Google Webmaster Central
This is the hub for Google's global webmaster community. It leads to a huge number of diagnostic,and statistical tools, as well as a host of informative tutorials and articles.

Google's Webmaster Help Forum
Basically, this is where the rubber meets the road, as the forum is frequented by thousands of web designers and promoters looking for help with all kinds of problems, each and every week.


Global Standards and Guidelines

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
The W3C was founded in 1994 by the inventor of the web as we know it today, Sir Timothy Berners-Lee. Composed of over 400 members, it develops the standards by which the Internet works.

Section 508 Disability Access
Think accessibility doesn't matter? Think again. Not only are Global laws starting to tighten, search engines also see your website in a similar way as a visually impaired surfer's screen reader.

Google Webmaster Guidelines
While technically falling into the Google Stuff category, the webmaster guidelines form a vital part of any website's design, with the quality guidelines playing an especially important role.

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W3 Schools
With countless tutorials, tips, tricks, and even mock exams, W3 Schools is undoubtedly one of the best learning resources on the entire Internet, a must, if you're looking to learn about code.

The Beginner's SEO Guide
This is another one which would quite neatly fit into the Google Stuff category, but it does really belong in the Learn More section, because it lays out the basic rules of SEO in plain English.

The Google SEO Report Card
This is a much-talked-about document in which Google puts its own product pages under the SEO microscope. It makes ideal reading together with the beginner's guide to provide a solid start.

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