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Well over five years after joining the European Union, web design in Cyprus is still struggling to compete in the global online business arena.

This is not to say that web designers on the island are of a lower standard, or unable to keep up with the changing face of the internet. Indeed, there are a number of competent operators in the Republic, able to render as good a service as anyone in the industry.

The problem faced by web design in Cyprus, arises from the fact that many prospective clients fail to appreciate all the requirements a new web site needs to fulfil in order to be successful.

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On the whole, web design in Cyprus needs to change its attitudes...

In this day and age, a successful contender in the global online business arena needs to meet certain criteria, and it is this criteria which local web studios are failing to convey to their clients, a situation which has fuelled the distrust felt by many real-world business owners, towards the web design sector.

Allow me to illustrate.
IceGiant recently carried out a contract on behalf of a client in Protaras, near Paralimni on the island's east coast. Before work was initiated the client questioned the proposed amount of content we specified, stating that she hadn’t envisioned quite so much of it.

One of the main specifications for this particular contract was the new site’s ability to successfully compete with existing competitors in Google's search results. And, as we have detailed elsewhere within this site, Content is King. You simply cannot win the search engine war without it, so there is a real need for high quality editorial in any commercial web project.

After an extensive consultation to demonstrate the basic need for the proposed content, and the reasoning behind it, the client was fully satisfied that IceGiant was not just throwing in excess work to raise the overall bill, and happily went ahead with our proposal.

From this point of view, web design in Cyprus is in a cleft stick of its own making, since many operators fail to inform their clients properly about exactly what needs to be done to fully satisfy all the given requirements for a website to successfully function on the World Wide Web.

The simple fact is that these days it takes far more to make a commercial web site perform well than it did just a few years ago, but most clients fail to realise this. And why should they? They are not techies; they have no need to stay abreast of search engine promotion and its many facets.

Without a proper explanation, many prospective clients feel that web studios are simply inflating their quotes unnecessarily to increase their own profits.

Viewed holistically as a market sector, web design in Cyprus needs to adjust its attitude towards the time and effort devoted to explaining its actions to prospective clients in a straight-forward manner which is easily understood by a layman.

Unless local operators can successfully accomplish this, Cypriot web sites are likely to be left out in the cold for some time to come, due to sheer customer mistrust.
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