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Clean Code is a Major Issue for Web Design in Cyprus

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It is a fact, though one ignored by many, that truly effective web design is about far more than putting pretty graphics on the visitor’s screen.

In fact, unless a website’s HTML code is sufficiently clean, there is no sure way of knowing how it will be displayed on a visitor’s screen, depending on which web browser they're using. That's because these days there are countless pieces of web browsing software, each with its own, unique way of interpreting and displaying a web page's HTML.

So why am I relating this to Web Design in Cyprus, and not elsewhere?

Yeah, ok, you caught me. The whole Web Design in Cyprus thing on this page is basically here to make mention of the fact that IceGiant has a base on Aphrodite's Isle, and thereby to retain the web page’s relevance to the term in view of the fact that this website has just undergone a major refit. Be that as it may, poor design standards affect websites globally, not just on Eastern Mediterranean islands.

The fact is, however, that to stand a chance of success in Google’s organic rankings, a website must be structured in the most user, and search-engine-friendly way possible from the ground up; and I’m not just talking about World Wide Web Consortium standards in the same way a lot of other designers and SEOs do when they mention search-engine-friendly design.

Face it, Google has already specifically stated that a website’s W3C Compliance does not normally have any direct bearing on its actual search rankings, so while there may still be a great many good reasons for producing clean HTML, search ranking performance is not one of them. What I’m actually talking about runs much deeper than mere coding standards; it runs to the website’s entire architecture, to its file and folder names, its link and navigation structure, and to the overall user-experience it presents its visitors with.

Google makes no secret of the fact that it uses over two hundred signals to assess a web page’s relevance for any given keyword/phrase in the allocation of search rankings. And while no professional may claim to know them all, there can be no doubt that a coherent website structure, and a well-organized, intuitive navigational structure are among the more important signals being used by Google.

This need for a more solid approach to web design is now filtering into the collective consciousness of the cyberspace professions in Internet-orientated countries around the globe. However, web design in Cyprus* and in other less - shall we say - mainstream countries is still largely ignoring this essential component to commercial online success.

Great web promotion undoubtedly starts with competent site design.

There is little point in expecting your site to perform well in a search engine’s natural listings if its structure, links, and content are not presented to users (and consequently search engines) in an effective or logical manner.

Since opening our doors on the island back in 2005, we have contributed to raising the standards of web design in Cyprus. All work undertaken by the IceGiant team is not only fully geared for user-friendliness, it’s also based on the W3C’s standards, and 100% in keeping with Google’s webmaster quality guidelines. Whether you require a small entry-level online presence, or a larger website, capable of competing successfully in the global arena, IceGiant will provide a high-quality solution to your individual needs.

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* There are of course a number of operators in the Republic of Cyprus (mainly located in Limassol and Nicosia) who develop their clients’ websites in line with more advanced commercial design standards, but on the whole awareness of this vital aspect of web site development is still very low on the island.







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So what about Promotion?

Competent, ethical web promotion services make a major difference to your site's performance in the natural listings of the major search providers. Conversely, the use of unethical (black hat) SEO methods may provide short-term results, these usually last no longer than the next major Google algorithm update, since the search giant is constantly working to remove irrelevant sites from its natural listings.

It is therefore imperative to any website's long-term success that its design and promotion be approached in strict adherence to Google's webmaster guidelines. Icegiant can help your company to gain measurable, lasting results.
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