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Since arriving in the Republic of Cyprus in September 2005, my team and I have been offering high-quality web design in Larnaca and indeed the rest of the island.

I chose Larnaca as my base of operations on Aphrodite’s Isle because this fabulous town not only provides ample opportunities to help local businesses compete more effectively on the Internet, but also features a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, now only found in very few Mediterranean resorts. Furthermore, forthcoming developments in the Larnaca area have earmarked this thriving community to become one of the most prosperous places in Cyprus within the coming few years.

We're not actually the only company offering web design in Larnaca.

We're just the most accomplished...

There are of course a number of experienced operators offering web design in Larnaca and the surrounding area, but few, if any, are able to give their clients the kind of all-encompassing services and outstanding level of quality which the IceGiant team’s many years of experience in the web services industry enables us to provide to all our customers.

But far from being only a local company, IceGiant is providing design and copywriting services for companies all over the globe.

Having carried out work for a German University, a Polish/German friendship society, various American companies, a few Australian customers, and of course our British and Cypriot client base, we take great pride in the superb standards achieved by us at every stage of a contract. The fact is that with IceGiant, customer satisfaction is held above all else. If we don’t exceed your expectations, we have not done our job properly.

Still reading? Ok, you caught me...

This web page is actually a remnant from our old website, dating from before the time when we developed a worldwide reputation and got into a relationship with a certain major search engine. We don’t really need it anymore now we’ve gone global, but the problem is that the damn thing is actually doing quite well when people search for 'web design in Larnaca', you see?

So it really seemed like a shame to lose it simply because it looks a little out of place in the new site.

These days, the majority of our clients actually hail from the United States, Britain and Australia, but that’s really no reason to alienate local businesses, is it? I mean, IceGiant Web Services does sponsor the occasional sporting event in Cyprus, ranging from small-time pool leagues right up to the occasional celebrity golf tournament, so we really are a part of the local community.

A Serious Undertaking...

We take our job of designing and promoting commercial websites very seriously, as a large number of past clients will gladly testify to. And so, despite the fact that now, ten years after I formed this company, it attracts clients from all over the world, there’s no denying the fact that the term web design in Larnaca was one of the major stepping stones on the road to success.

If you’re still reading, I have to congratulate your literary vim. Now contact me, and I’ll see what I can do for you. Be sure to mark the form with the secret phrase (F.A.O Sasch), so it gets passed to me straight away.

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It seems that these days many people no longer care about providing informative content to other web users while at the same time helping their own site's promotion, but would rather release badly written and meaningless nonsense that's simply been stuffed full of keywords. Little do most of these operators realize, however, that this approach is likely to do them more harm than good in the long-run.
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