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Web Design... They say it's easy, right?
They say all you have to do is sign up for a hosting package with an Internet Service Provider and you'll get their site-building program which lets you create your own Website in Thirty Seconds. They say you can have an online business that makes you bundles of money while you sleep, in no time at all.

So why would you still need to hire a professional web designer?

Because 'they're' lying...
If effective web design was that easy, everyone would be rich. These days, the Internet is a commercial battlefield, with millions of website fighting over Top 10 search engine placements in their quest for more visitors and clients.

The Road to Online Success actually starts with Effective Web Design...

...simply because truly professional, creative web design actually forms the very basis of solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization)...

Firstly because a properly structured, custom-designed website already fulfils three of Stanford University's 10 Guidelines for Web Credibility [Click here], and while adherence to these guidelines has been found to establish credibility in visitors' eyes, most seasoned web promotion experts agree that Google uses criteria very similar to Stanford's to assess whether or not a website is to be trusted with a favorable search ranking.

Secondly, because a competent professional will not only heed and implement the Stanford Guidelines, they will also ensure full W3C Compliance for your new website to ensure it displays properly for its visitors, no matter which piece of browsing software they happen to be using.

Not a single Template-Based Website Building Program can make these claims. In fact, there isn't a single Template-based design program capable of effectively competing with a properly structured, custom-made website out in the commercial Internet arena.

But they never tell you that...

Then, of course, there is always the Graphical Aspect

Sure, the designs you get to choose from with a template-based site building program might look quite sleek and businesslike, but what you have to remember is that they are also available to everyone who signs up for the same service.

So what you really wind up with is a website which looks much like everyone else's, just another faceless clone, lost in a crowd of near identical competitors.

This can really annoy your visitors...

But they never tell you that either...

  Web Design Example for River of Jade
For 100% Custom-Made
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If you're serious about your online business, you really do need a professionally designed website.

IceGiant boasts a decade of effective web design experience. We create striking websites which truly reflect your company's image. Contact us today for a free consultation about your needs.


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Did you know...

...that Google uses over two-hundred 'factors' to assess the overall relevance and ranking of each and every web page in its index for any given search term?

Neither do most Web Designers...

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