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But IceGiant is about much more than just Effective Web Design...

It's about Standing Out from the Crowd

Our websites are designed not only for outstanding search engine performance, but also with the prospective client in mind. After all, what good are high visitor numbers without sales?

Over the past decade, IceGiant has built a reputation for 100% effective web design that steers away from the norm and reflects the individuality of our clients' businesses in a striking, eye-catching fashion. Effective does not have to mean Boring.

It's about Reflecting your Image

Regardless of whether you need a website specifically designed around your small business or a dynamic, database-driven web presence, our specialist web design services always produce a result that's as individual as you are.

It's about Graphical Detail

Without competent, creative, and artistic graphic design, your website is just another faceless entity, lost among a countless legion of all-but-identical clones, created by a web design industry devoid of true creativity at its core.

  • Who are you?
  • What makes you unique?
  • Why should I choose you?

These are questions every new visitor to your website asks. If its appearance does not begin to instil an intuitive sense of confidence, and attract enough attention to make its visitors find out more about you, then your designer has completely missed the point.

It's about Achieving the Perfect Balance the IceGiant Way

Truly effective web design should be the perfect blend between striking graphics, solid site structure, and 100% visitor-orientated presentation. Achieving this perfect balance within your own business website is what makes the IceGiant Difference.

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W3C Compliance

If you've never heard of the W3C you're in good company, because neither have a lot of web design professionals.

However, if you're in business online, then W3C Compliance must be a consideration for your website even though it does not directly affect your website's search rankings.
Find out why...

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