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Web Design and SEO - 3 Common Mistakes
Since opening our doors back in 1999 we've seen a lot of web design studios come and go. And on the whole, the ones that didn't last made the same three mistakes when building sites for their clients.
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Your Website Navigation - How Functional is it?
Making your site's navigation system functional and for visitors is an essential part of competent web design, yet in doing so, many designers are making life difficult for search engine spiders.
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Accessible Web Design - The Shape of Things to Come?
Though moving with typical bureaucratic slowness, legislation on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean is gradually heading towards firm online disability discrimination laws being passed. Indeed, the case against the retail-giant Target.com has brought home the fact that web designers ignore the needs of disabled surfers at their peril.
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Web Accessibility Gurus - Jumping on the Disability Access Bandwagon
Developments in the wake of the above-mentioned court case against Target.com have seen a major increase in the number of Accessibility Gurus who offer to bulletproof their clients' websites against future legal action in return for large sums of cash. In quite a few cases, however, these experts are not what they seem...
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Competent Web Design
- The Importance of Search Engine Spiders
Given World Wide Web's increasing size (approaching 20 billion indexed pages), any website now faces the distinct possibility of being lost in a sea of competitors. Without competent web design techniques and structure, any new is likely to find itself hard-pressed to succeed in the commercial online arena.
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Cascading Style Sheets - CSS Controlled Web Design & the Evils of Font Tags
CSS controlled websites boast a number of major advantages compared to their traditional counterparts, one of which is substantially smaller HTML file sizes. This is becoming especially important since the recent announcement by Google's Matt Cutts that page load-times will soon play a part in a site's search rankings.
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Hiring a Web Designer - Eight Points to Remember
Choosing which designer to contract for a new web design project can be a mine field because of this industry's Jargonese nature and lack of formal qualifications. Our article aims to level the playing field for you as an average, non-technical business owner by giving you eight points to raise when interviewing candidates.
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Part-Time vs. Professional Web Design - Why a Professional will always be better
These days it seems like everybody and his brother has suddenly become a web designer, frequently offering their services at ridiculously low prices. But while such reduced price tags are an obvious attraction for many entrepreneurs, they should be approached with some caution when it comes to building a commercial site.
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The Five Second Rule - More Important to Web Design than to Food
Most of us know that breaking the Five Second Rule when food hits the floor will result in an upset stomach; what most of us don't know is that breaking the Five Second Visitor Rule on a commercial website can make the difference between online success and abject failure.
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Underground Web Designers - A Secret Brotherhood of Professionals?
Globally speaking, Underground Web Designers have drawn quite a bit of publicity lately for their quirky, non-conformist nature, and their often outlandish design styles. In this article, Icegiant takes a tongue-in-cheek look at this, surely the most excentric element of the web design community.
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Alt Attributes in Image Tags - Their Vital Role in Disability Access
Having recently run across a number of professionals who adamantly claim that descriptive alt-attributes play absolutely no part in a website's accessibility, I thought I'd take a look at just how a proper image description is viewed by common screen reading programs and by search engine spiders. The results are predictable.
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Web Design in Cyprus - Competing in a United Europe
On a closer-to-home-than-normal note, I'm using the local web design crowd to highlight one of the industry's more common failings, lack of communication with customers. The fact is that many web designers around the globe fail to properly explain the reasons behind proposed design features, often to the client's distress.
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Web Designers in Cyprus - Are they an Endangered Species?
Recent times have seen an increasing globalization of the web design industry. It is no longer the norm for business owners to contract a local professional to build their website. Instead, many potential clients now scour the Internet in search of reputable web designers further afield, must to the discomfort of smaller, local operators.
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