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IceGiant's unique approach to Web Design...

It's all about giving you both what you want, and what your business needs.

Number 1
What you know you want

Your input is crucial from the start, because only you can provide the vital information we need to create the best possible online presence for your company.

Therefore, the first step of the web design process an in-depth consultation about your enterprise, market sector, target audience, and the things you envision from your new website.

Number 2
What we know you need

Once we've developed a clear understanding of your business and its objectives, we draw up a comprehensive list of the design elements necessary to fulfil its needs in the commercial Internet arena.

Upon completion of this list we once again liaise with you to give you an overview of each proposed component.

Number 3
Brainstorming the Project

By now we've established a very firm idea of the individual pieces involved in the creation of your new online presence, and it's time start bringing them together into a cohesive whole.

The Brainstorming phase establishes the guidelines for your website's look and feel, its main categories, and its functionalities from the user's point of view.

Number 4
Synthesizing the Concept

With a firm design concept in place, it's time for us to produce the first draft for your perusal. This is quite literally a picture of what a potential customer will find when he or she visits your website.

This stage of the web design process finalizes the placement of your site's navigation menus, headers, text content, images, search boxes, and its other onscreen components.

Number 5
Creating the Look

After the website's functionalities have been established we fine-tune its graphical appearance and color scheme around its onscreen layout.

The result of this stage is a secondary draft showing you the site's finished look and feel before we proceed to the stage of building its architecture and producing the code that makes all of its components work together.

Number 6
Building the Framework

Now that you know what your finished website will look and feel like, it's time for us to get down to business and make everything work the way it's supposed to.

By the time we're finished, what you have is a fully functional website that's almost ready to be launched.

Number 7
The Final Draft

The final part of the web design process involves an extensive test-run of the fully functional website to ensure everything is running smoothly and functioning properly.

Any bugs found are corrected, and minor last-minute amendments and tweaks are carried out at this time prior to handover and launch.

Getting what you want

Once the last tweaks have been completed and the project is signed off by you, the fully functional website is uploaded to your web hosting server and officially launched.

Congratulations on establishing your brand-new online business with the help of IceGiant.

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