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Black Hat Web Promotion, The Scourge of Online Business

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Black Hat web promotion companies promise to deliver top rankings fast, often charging extortionate rates for what are at best short-lived benefits.

While ethical SEO companies work hard to improve their clients' websites with a view to sustained long-term search engine rankings, these shady operators are giving the entire industry a bad name, not only through exorbitant prices, but because their results rarely last more than a few weeks or months.

Since Google is constantly evolving to provide visitors with the most relevant results possible, any attempt at exploiting loopholes in its algorithm will, at best, only last until the next major search algorithm change.

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Black Hat Web Promotion Companies are duping business owners

Customers will often spend thousands for top rankings that vanish overnight.

But what exactly is Black Hat Web Promotion, and how can you tell it apart from its ethical ‘White Hat’ counterpart.

For the answer to this particular question to truly make sense, you have to understand that Google and the other search engines seek to provide visitors with the most appropriate answers to their queries. The watchwords in this endeavor are ‘quality’ and ‘relevance’.

  • Quality relates to a search engine’s overall perception of the site, which is based on ease of navigation for visitors, website structure, internal link structure, W3C compliance, other coding issues, and a mythical animal known as TrustRank.
  • Relevance is based on three major factors
    1. The quality of the website’s (or page’s) content
    2. Its overall level of information about its chosen topic
    3. The number of quality inbound links from sites specialising in a related field

Google claims to utilize over two-hundred signals to ascertain a web page's search-ranking for any given keyword or phrase.

The whole point of ethical (White Hat) search engine optimisation, is to make improvements to the client’s website by adding informative content, cleaning the source code, improving the file and link structures, and generally doing all the things required to turn it into a quality resource in Google's eyes.

Black Hat web promotion tactics try to fool a search engine into delivering ‘false results’.
That is to say, instead of making improvements to a site’s overall quality so as to boost its ranking performance naturally, they employ unethical tactics to boost a site’s rankings without consideration for the long-term effects on their client’s business, which often include ranking penalties, or even an outright ban from Google's search index.

Google WILL catch up with you...

The simple fact is that any results achieved through unethical or downright illegitimate means (doorway pages, keyword spamming, hidden text, etc.), are likely to disappear as fast as they were obtained. If you're still unsure what constitues unethical tactics, you might want to look at Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

In page two of this article, we provide a quick overview of the most commonly employed Black Hat web promotion tactics, although it should be noted that there are so many different approaches taken by these operators (both automated and manual) that it would be almost impossible to list them all in one place.


Just bear in mind what the Webmaster Guidlines say:
"It's not safe to assume that just because a specific deceptive technique isn't included on this page, Google approves of it."

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