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A Search Engine Optimization Scam and Customer Care

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If you have reached this page through a search engine or link, and have not yet read part one of this article ‘SEO Scam Artists’, please click here.

Of course you'll need official looking contracts to show customers you’re a serious operator, and not just another search engine optimization scam.

Once again, the solution is simple… Launch a basic website and contact one of the reputable SEO companies on the web, pretending to be interested in an optimization package.

Think big and play them until they send you a service contract.

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A good Search Engine Optimization Scam shouldn't be too technical

Once you receive this, simply amend it to suit your own purposes, remembering of course to remove anything vaguely technical sounding (inbound links, 301 redirects, high-quality content, internal link-structure, article marketing and suchlike) to avoid any awkward questions from your clients.

Step 5 - Lie through your back teeth
Remember that a search engine optimization scam will work so much better if you bend the truth (shatter it) to suit your needs. So when you’re talking to a prospective client, be sure to pull out all the stops and promise them the Earth, and, if needs be, the very stars from the sky.

As long as your contract does not make the same ‘over-the-top’ promises, and clearly states that any verbal guarantees are invalid, it doesn’t matter what you tell the client, since most of them won’t bother to read the small-print before signing on the dotted line and getting their check books out. In the same vaein, be sure to include a clause in your contract which states that you categorically do not give refunds under any circumstances.

When they've signed your contract, ask them for referrals (lots of referrals) in return for ‘discounts’ or outright cash kickbacks, so they’ll introduce you to all their business and breakfast-club buddies. This tactic alone can do your Search Engine Optimization Scam (and your wallet) the world of good.

Step 6 - The Bad News
The contracts are signed, the deposit is in your account and now the customer is expecting some results. He or she actually has the temerity to expect you to do some work.

“Some people are sooo demanding. I mean, can you believe that?!”

How can you hold on to your ‘hard-conned’ earnings without doing any bona fide work?

As before, the solution is simplicity itself; approach the customer in the following way:

Well sir/ma’am, you have to understand that search engine optimization takes time. Google and the other search engines are forever changing their way of doing things (these are called algorithms, but the client doesn’t need to know that), so it can take up to six months before your site shows the full benefit of all the hard work. we're doing for you."


While you’re stalling your client, buy a few cheap incoming links for their website so you can show some progress at least, and do whatever you ‘guess’ needs to be done to improve the website’s rankings for keyword phrases which include their company name in quotation marks. If they still persist in whining at you after you show them their 'successful ranking results', start talking about Google PR, and blind them with a load of Jergonese terms.

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