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A properly organized SEO Swindle is very Profitable

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If you have reached this page through a search engine or link, and have not yet read part one of this article ‘SEO Scam Artists’, please click here.

If your SEO Swindle run into trouble and the customer starts demanding things, simply blame the lack of performance on the latest ‘Google Update’, which has hit the search engine promotion industry by surprise.

”You know what Google are like.* They’re always moving the goalposts, and doing things like this which hurt innocent online businesses.”

This should suitably mollify them, and enable you to extract another couple of monthly payments before they finally reach critical mass.

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Remember that every good SEO Swindle needs Contingencies

If they don’t stop complaining, simply show them how well their site ranks for: “obscure search term with their company name in quotation marks” before offering them ‘cash-back’ again for further customer referrals. Keep stringing them along like this for as long as you can, and when they finally demand a refund point out the clause in your contract which says they’re actually not entitled to one.

If you do it properly, every new client should be good for at least six months.

Congratulations, you are now a fully fledged SEO Swindle Expert. Now get out there and make your fortune!

While I’m on the subject of fortunes, let’s take a short look at just how much you can earn with a properly organized SEO swindle like this.

As I said previously, never work for less than $999 per month, per contract, plus whatever useless extras you manage to sell to the client. If you have more than one telesales person, you might want to offer a monthly bonus for the most-imaginatively-named useless Optimization Add-On sold.

In any case, for the sake of argument, let’s say you only manage to get four basic contracts per month (roughly one per week) without any add-on sales, each running for a minimum term of six months. This period, incidentally, is a good average for the amount of time you can stall your clients, and keep them paying their monthly fees before they finally tell you to shove it.

During the first 12 months, your earnings break down as follows:

  • 1st Month $3,996
  • 2nd Month $7,992
  • 3rd Month $11,988
  • 4th Month $15,984
  • 5th Month $19,980
  • 6th Month $23,976
  • 7th Month $23,976
  • 8th Month $23,976
  • 9th Month $23,976
  • 10th Month $23,976
  • 11th Month $23,976
  • 12th Month $23,976

That's well over $220k in just twelve months...

So, after just one year the total earnings from your SEO swindle amount to $227,772, even if your telesales tactics are only marginally successful. Not bad, considering the complete lack of effort involved. There are expenses of course, such as your salespeople. But if you’ve played your cards right, you’ll have employed them on a commission-only basis, so they won’t cost you a whole lot unless they’re making the sales.

There’s one born every minute, all you have to do is find them.

End of tutorial...

I hope this small lesson about setting up an SEO swindle will give you an insight into the methods and approaches used by unscrupulous operators taking advantage of laymen’s complete ignorance. Just remember that any ‘SEO expert’ who fails to mention their methods’ more technical aspects, or refuses to explain them to you as a layman, should be treated with extreme caution.

*A phrase meaning: ‘You have no idea what I’m talking about, so I can pretty much say anything I want to and blind you with meaningless jargon.”

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