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Many companies claim to know the secret of 'Effective Web Promotion & E-Commerce', but few indeed seem to use this supposed knowledge to actually 'sell anything' on the Internet.

Our knowledge is based on real results and long-term experience, not flights of fancy or empty promises.

Unlike some other Commercial Web Services, we put our knowledge to good use by selling a range of products across differing market sectors. This not only keeps our promotional skills up-to-date, it also allows us to conduct running experiments with regards to sales conversion rates, visitor behavior, and other crucial factors.

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Truly Effective Web Promotion is a long-term undertaking...

In fact, these days anyone promising you a quick front-page position or a number one listing on Google, Yahoo, or Bing within weeks or even days is most likely to be using what are known as ‘Black Hat SEO’ methods, which is to say tactics specifically designed to fool search engines into delivering short-lived results which will ultimately result in your site being penalised or even barred from the listings altogether once the search engine catches up with the promoter's shady tricks.

Black Hat SEO is a term applied to methods of unethical web promotion which specifically countermand Google's own webmaster guidelines. Methods such as this will deliver extremely short lived results, as the search engines quickly analyze these methodologies and eradicate the offending sites from their listings. Once this happens, the web promotion company in question will usually blame sudden drops in the client's search rankings on algorithm changes by Google, and bury the impact of their actions with meaningless jargon, solely designed to confuse their less knowledgeable clients.

IceGiant's web design methods are based on our team’s years of experience, and all sites produced by us strictly adhere to the guidelines laid down by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the major search providers. If you are considering web promotion for your site, it is advisable to take a long term view, since there is no quick fix which actually delivers lasting results.

Our staff will be pleased to discuss your requirements and advise you on the various options available for the effective web promotion of your site. Contact us for further details

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