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Reporting Spam Web Sites to the Search Providers

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Recent times have seen the major search engines provide their users with facilities to report spam web sites.

While at first glance this may seem like an underhanded thing to do, you might want to ask yourself the following question:

”Is it fair for a small percentage of web sites to get away with using Black Hat tactics when most webmasters and online business owners play by the rules?”

The fact is that search engines are forever fighting a battle to provide their users with the most relevant results possible.

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Reporting Spam Websites paves the way for better Web Design

To achieve this, their algorithms are frequently updated to guard against the latest spamming tactics and users are given the opportunity to report inaccurate results for investigation.

This should by no means be seen as an invitation to put the boot in with your competitors. Indeed, that would not work, since every report is thoroughly investigated and action (such as the banning of a site from the index) is only taken if the site in question proves to be using unethical methods.

Also, reporting spam web sites is not simply an activity for web masters or business owners to deal with unfair competitors; it is primarily a facility for users confronted with unsatisfactory results to bring these to the search engine’s attention thus helping in the ongoing fight against spam.

Listed below, you will find a list of search engine pages where users may report spam web sites:

We used to list a lot more, but they dropped out one by one as time went on. You may be wondering why Bing/Live/MSN or whatever they're calling it today isn't listed here? This is simply because none of us have found the engine's spam report page yet. We'll keep you posted once it appears.

Please remember that this is not a reason to go on the warpath with your competitors; that sort of action is likely to do very little aside from doing you and your own web site far more harm than good.

Ultimately, reporting spam web sites has to be about improving visitor experience and providing relevant answers to search engine user enquiries. It should also encourage you to ensure that your site is constructed according to the accepted standards and does not make use of any methods which could be construed as spam by the major search providers.

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