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Link Building Strategies - 2 Surefire Winners
Building incoming links to your site can seem like chasing Bigfoot or some other mythical beast. And yet, with a little effort and imagination it needn't be a wild goose chase. Here are two great ways.
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Who said Content is King? - And is it still true?
In the world of web promotion and SEO, this has to be a contender for the most misrepresented quote of them all. This article takes a closer look to see whether there's still any truth in the statement.
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Google PageRank - One thing which is often overlooked...
Over the past few years I've written at length about PageRank and its misunderstood role in a website's actual search ranking. The simple fact is that PR only plays a minor part in Google's overall ranking algorithm, and its importance is overplayed by many experts.
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Basic Web Promotion - The Groundwork without Jargon or Spiel
In general, SEOs and Web Promoters have a reputation for blinding prospective clients with their baffling Jargonese terminology. Our article gives you a brief introduction to the basics without the usual over-the-top tech terminology.
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Black Hat Web Promotion - Bad Apples Spoiling the Barrel
Most SEOs and Web Promoters are content to improve their clients' online profiles and search engine reankings according to Google's quality guidelines. And yet, a small proportion of shady operators have given this industry a consistently bad reputation.
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Choosing a Domain Name - Be sure to Pick the Right One...
With the Web having passed the 200 million domain-registration mark some time ago, picking a catchy, unique name for your new online business is no longer a simple task. What's more, there's also a hot debate raging about what makes a good domain name.
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Content is King - Turning the Web into the Information Super Footpath
Often misquoted, misinterpreted, and misunderstood, this phrase is responsible for millions of pages of unmitigated trash being published on the web each month. And yet, there's a still a genuine need to reinforce your website with quality, authoritative content.
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Are you a Google PR Lookup Junkie? - Stop it! It's all just Greenbar Madness!
I've lost count of the number of webmasters, SEOs, and promoters who consider a high PageRank as the pinnacle of successful web promotion. But despite this widespread view, PR is not nearly as important to ranking success as they would have you believe.
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Want to Learn about SEO? - Most Netrepreneurs have no desire to...
And yet, at least knowing the basics of ethical SEO and online promotion is of genuine value to online business owners, as it allows them to weed out the shady operators littering this market sector, and consequently save them a great deal of money.
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OnSite SEO - Success rests on every available Component
First off, this widely used industry term is a misnomer, as there's no such thing as Offsite SEO. However that may be, while successful optimization is reliant on a balance between all on-page elements, many SEOs only seem to concentrate on a few of them.
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Registering a New Domain Name - How long is your Registration Period?
According to one of its patent applications some time ago, Google takes a new domain's registration period into account in assessing a site's search rankings. When picking a new domain name, it therefore makes sense to secure it for some time ahead.
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Selling on the Internet - There's more to it than you may think...
The Web abounds with tales of success where small-time Swiss Clock-Makers or Albanian Goat-Cheese manufacturers advertise their wares online and become millionaires practically overnight. But is selling online as simple as it seems?
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SEO Scam Artists - A Quick Guide on How to Spot Them
Over the past five years or so, the SEO sector has become labelled as a playground for Scamsters and Confidence Tricksters. But, as usual, it is a relatively small number of shady operators which ruins things for the many ethical optimizers out there.
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Smaller Search Engines - Is there still any real need to cater for them?
These days, most SEOs seem to concentrate on Google to the exclusion of all else. In doing so, they almost invariably miss out on the real opportunities presented by smaller search engines and specialist sites to increase the profitability of their clients' sites.
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Web Promotion Elements - The Cause of much Confusion...
Just what exactly is the difference between a Page Head and a Header Tag? And why is it that so many SEOs and Web Promoters seem to consider an open explanation of even the most rudimentary on-page elements to be an almost unforgivable sin?
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Web Site Promotion - Does it all boil down to Gurus and Buzzwords?
Sooner or later most novice webmasters are confronted by Online Gurus who promise to make them rich without any effort at all, if only they hand over a goodly amount of their hard-earned cash. But are these supposed experts really all they're cracked up to be?
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Writing Internet Articles - The Case for Quality over Quantity
Most online article writers seem to favor a volume-driven approach which pays very little attention to quality, and produces nothing more than Fluff. But ironically enough, a single, well-written article carries more promotional weight than ten badly written pieces of trash.
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Four Points to Remember about Website Content - It's all about Quality...
One mistake consistently made by a great many online business owners is losing sight of what their visitors are actually looking for. We take a closer look at four important points to remember when putting together your website and its content.
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Duplicate Website Content - A Potential Risk to your Website's Rankings
Slowly but surely, the fact that content duplication is likely to pose a threat to a website's Google rankings is entering the collective consciousness of SEOs and web promoters. But what constitutes duplicate content, and how much duplication is too much?
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