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Here they are, twelve of the biggest names in the online search sector.

Chances are you'll have heard of at least four or five, but there is one among them which handles ten times as many searches as the rest put together, no matter what some Search Engine Optimizers might say.

The others can call themselves Find Engines, Decision Engines or Go-Getters all they want, but the simple fact is that the vast majority of Internet users turn to Google when searching for something, and, as yet, there seems to be little on the horizon which will change this any time soon.

But despite its dominance of the online search sector, competent web promotion services should focus on more than just Google ranks.

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Our Web Promotion Services are about more than just search engines

Although natural search engine rankings are without doubt central to any online venture's success, there is no denying the fact that, to achieve them, a web promotion campaign must also concentrate on a wide variety of other promotional aventues in order to generate enough of an online buzz, and with it enough inbound links to the client's website, for Google to notice that website ahead of the countless competitors it's likely to face in today's commercial Internet arena.

What's more, those efforts which are concentrated on search engine rankings must be focused on popular search-terms, relevant to your own market sector. Face it, if the only visitors to your Computer Game website are Siberian Goat Herders, you won't make too many sales.

To be truly successful, web promotion services must take full advantage of all promotional avenues available, not simply rely on outdated SEO techniques or link-building strategies.

All Promotional Avenues?

Basically, you have to find ways to get people talking about your website.

But given the fact that there are now over two-hundred million domain names in circulation on the Web as we know it, that's not as easy as it might sound, and it usually takes more than a little hard work and creativity for an online publicity campaign to achieve its goal.

What's more, traditional SEO tactics like Article Marketing, Link Building, and Micro-Blogging no longer carry much promotional weight, as Google has long-since compensated for the widespread search ranking manipulation associated with these techniques.

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Effective Web Promotion takes experience, hard work, and imagination.

IceGiant has been effectively raising its clients' online profiles since 1999. Contact us today to find out how our proven promotional methods can help your website to expand its horizons.

Online success is a question of balance, a balance based on effective web promotion incorporating great web design, great content, a solid site structure, and the right promotional methods which concentrate on generating a genuine buzz among Internet users.

A last word on Spam...
As many netrepreneurs have learned (often the hard way), this market sector is strewn with spam web promotion services who will cheerfully employ every dirty trick imaginable to get a top ranking. Indeed, many of us are familiar with competing websites employing shady SEO tactics to outrank us. These days there is, however, something of a leveling factor, as Google and the other major search engines are now starting to provide facilities for reporting spam websites.


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Did you know that...

...Web Promotion Services are not in fact synonymous with SEO Services?

While most SEOs are solely obsessed with search engine rankings, the web promotion specialist takes a more holistic approach which also considers sales conversion rates, as well as other means of generating online publicity for a client's website.

Online Success is about so much more than just search rankings.

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