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Why choose IceGiant for your Web Promotion Needs?

What makes us different from the other SEOs and Web Promoters out there?

Number 1
Staying Power...

We're not just another 'here today and gone tomorrow web services company'. We've been around since 1999 and we plan to keep it that way.

What's more, the fact that we've been doing business for over a decade means you're getting a whole lot of experience for your money.

Number 2
No Bull...

We're not in the business of blinding our customers with meaningless jargon, or claiming that Google keeps moving the goal posts every time you ask us a question.

Our first language is plain English, and we're quite proud of that fact; so when you deal with us you always know where you stand.

Number 3
No Shady Tactics...

We play 100% by Google's Webmaster Guidelines, past, present and future... period. What we do will not get your website into trouble, banned from the index, or penalized by Google in any way.

We also stick to Stanford University's Guidelines for Web Credibility.

Number 4
Tailor-Made Web Promotion...

Web Promotion is not one-size-fits-all. To us, each website is unique, with different requirements and in need of a different angle of attack.

Your website's promotional needs are assessed by our human experts, on a totally individual basis. Those same human experts then compile a report detailing the measures we consider to be necessary for your site.

Number 5
In-Depth Analysis...

Our staff don't blindly rely on meaningless and outdated SEO software. They actually conduct an in-depth analysis of your site, your market sector & your clients based on more than a decade of knowledge.

Sure, they have tools to help them, but unlike a lot of operators out there, our staff have an awful lot of experience doing what they do.

They may not have seen it all yet, but they've sure seen most of it.

Number 6
The Personal Touch...
Sasch Mayer  

First and foremost, you're dealing with me.

I'm Sasch, and I'm the one who started IceGiant back in 1999. Over the past decade I've built a reputation that I'm not about to blow because I or one of my guys does a bum job on your website just so we can make a few bucks.


Google knows me, and I know Google. Here's what they said about me in March 2008, and here's what they said in December 2009.

Working with me is a small group of Brits that are scattered all over the planet, each one with experience at least equal to mine.

The buck, however, stops here, with me.

What are you waiting for?

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